Empowering Women of Color to Break Free from Limitations
and Manifest Their Dreams.

Are you ready to transform your life and embrace holistic success, achieving prosperity in your career, family, and personal growth?

Are You Struggling to Achieve Your Ideal Life?

  • - Feeling stuck despite your professional success and desire for more?
  • - Longing for work-life balance while navigating the demands of motherhood?
  • - Ready to break free from generational curses and manifest your dream life?
  • You are not alone

Many ambitious women of color, juggle multiple roles as mothers, professionals, and business owners.
They strive for success, but often, they encounter roadblocks that hinder their progress. These struggles may include:

Feeling Stuck

You're making money and enjoying career success, but something feels off. The fulfillment you once sought seems elusive.

Work-Life Imbalance

Balancing the demands of a career or business with family life can be overwhelming, leaving you stretched thin and emotionally drained.

Relationship Struggles

Navigating complex relationships with family, friends, and partners can lead to stress and hinder your personal growth.

Imposter Syndrome

Despite your achievements, you may grapple with self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy.

Imagine this:

Great chance you present challenges are tied to unresolved trauma. Past wounds can cast shadows over your dreams and abundance.

As a Transformational Coach, specializing in energetic therapy, trauma healing, and manifestation, I've seen how healing from trauma empowers manifestation.

I'm dedicated to helping women like you break free, tapping into your inner power for conscious manifestation.

Let's uncover the source of your struggles and how they affect your dreams. By addressing these roots, you can embrace holistic success and transform your life.

My name is Charlene,

a Transformational Coach and Mentor, guiding ambitious women of color to purposeful, fulfilling lives.

My journey began amidst chaos, self-doubt, and an environment marred by separation, trauma, abuse, and racism.

I comprehend the unique challenges women like us encounter in life.

Yet, I've always believed challenges are opportunities for transformation. I evolved into an Energetic Therapist, specializing in manifestation and trauma healing.

Through my expertise, I've empowered countless women to harness trauma into manifestation power.

As a mother of four, a loving wife, and a woman who's navigated a world often dominated by the white patriarchy, I truly grasp the struggles you endure.

My voyage to intentional living and abundance enabled me to shape the life I deserve. I'm here to guide you on this same transformative path.

Join me, unlock your true potential, and craft the life you've envisioned.

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